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Citations Invisible – Reveal and Revert #citations #sources #ftm2014 #ftm2012 #ancestrycom #gedcom

With the flurry of users of Family Tree Maker looking to migrate their database to RootsMagic, an outcry has gained volume because of the disappearance of some citations. This problem was described here in 2012 in Citations Invisible Revealed which offered two scripts, both of which are available in the RMtrix utility, one to find…

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All Citations – Query #citations

CTE Versions for RM7 and RM8 Revised code by Pat Jones using common table expressions:Version for RM7 and below  AllCitations-RM7.sql  tested 2021-01-20 Version for #RM8 and above  AllCitations-RM8.sql revised 2022-04-27 to include duplicate uses Unlike the old version, this script does not appear to be able to display “headless citations” or “phantom sources or citations”…

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