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Best SQLite IDE for RM8?

Hi Folks:

I have been playing around a little with SQLitespy and SQLite Expert.  I have a license to Jetbrains Datagrip already (though I haven't used it in a while).

My question is:  if someone (myself) is willing to pay for a licence, is there an IDE you'd recommend?  From what I can understand, SQLitespy and SQLiteExpert can both use the fake RMNOcase file right?  Can that be used with others IDE's for Rootsmagic?  Most of my experience has been with Oracle databases so I have little/no experience with SQLite IDE's.   I'd just be using it with Rootsmagic 8.  Thanks, Matthew

I paid for a licensed sqlite manager when I started delving into RM4 databases 12-13 years ago. Development stagnated within a couple of years by which time I was onto the free versions of SQLiteSpy and SQLite Expert Personal. Those continue to be updated and I've made the occasional donation. I also find SQLite Studio of interest. My go-to is usually Spy as I seem to work most quickly with it. 2nd is Expert Personal when I want to have runtime variables (not supported in Spy) or want to use the same script with multiple databases (Spy works with only one main database and drops all SQL tabs when it is closed in order to open another db. I dabble at times with Studio as it has features I want to explore. Expert is the only one of the three to have a Professional version with license fee.

I use the Jetbrains Datagrip included in Pycharm on both Mac and PC, along with a fake RMNOcase. I preferred this to the free SQLite browsers.

Hi Salkind:  does datagrip work with the Unifuzz64.dll extension?   I have a subscription to jetbrains (mainly for PHPstorm and Webstorm.  I haven't tried Datagrip in probably 3 years or so.

This is a question that you or Tom might be able to answer:  If I used  PHP with a rootsmagic database, do I need the fake (Unifuzz.dll) or will that work?   I have a program that I develop PHP apps with (PHPRunner) that can connect with sqlite databases.  I was thinking about making an app that would use lookups so I could do stuff like change Sources by selecting from a drop down, etc.  I just don't know if it will work with RM 8.   I may have to just try it when I get back from vacation...