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Direct Import of RM8 database into RM7 - major update

All versions of the scripts posted prior to June 19 on:

Direct Import of RM8 database into RM7 – Part 2
Direct Import of RM8 database into RM7 - Part 1

have a major flaw in the handling of citations, failing to convert all uses of a citation (rows in the RM8 CitationLinkTable) other than the last into RM7 Citations. This update (V3) attempts to correct the procedure but I don't have time to test it and would welcome feedback from others before publishing it on the blog. It affects Citations and related Media tags, Web Tags and Treeshare links for Ancestry Sources .

Uploaded files:

While the rev version appears to correctly generate an individual citation in RM7 for each 'use' of a 'master' citation from RM8, it looks like media links are getting attached to the wrong citations... more checking required.

Aha! A couple of typos on JOIN criteria where I had RM7CitationID when it should have been RM8CitationID. Those are corrected and now the media and web tags link correctly to citations. Use the attached file for further test...

Uploaded files:

Missed this hiccup from copying the ConfigTable from RM8 to RM7, probably because I would have the target RM7 file already open before running the script. The 1st record's DataRec has a Version declaration of 8000 in RM8. If RM7 sees a Version >6000, it balks at opening the file, recommending one check for software updates. So I've added a statement to downgrade the database Version number to 6000 in this update to the script.

Uploaded files:

Surprising outcome from this script development is that I've used the script to demonstrate  that RM 8.1.8 TreeShare falsely reports mismatches between Ancestry Sources and RM's copies after applying 'Merge all duplicate citations '. See:

TreeShare mysteries from RM8.1.8 ‘Merge all duplicate citations’