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My RootsMagic file has over 8,500 people in it, 23,000 events, 3,000 families, 3,000 citations, and 3,600 multimedia links I have a query that takes a bit to run. I am using sqlite expert Personal 5.2. I am trying to export the results of the query to a spreadsheet. So far I have not found the way to export it to a spreadsheet other than doing a Ctrl + A > Ctrl + C and Ctrl V in the spreadsheet.

Is there a way to do it? Or is there another program that can do it?

I believe SQLite Expert Pro supports a more powerful capability for export to spreadsheet. IIRC, Expert Personal supports only the copying of the results screen as you describe which is paged, 500 rows at a time is the default.

SQLiteSpy also supports copying its results screen which is not paged. That would be more convenient for results that are many more than 500 but not so large that it chokes the application.

SQLite Studio 3 can export results to a CSV file among other formats. I don’t have much experience with it; don’t know if it’s easy to add a fake RMNOCASE collation.

Excel itself can be connected via ODBC to a SQLite database and run queries; the RMNOCASE issue could be an impediment.


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