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RootsMagic 7 direct import from Family Tree Maker (not GEDCOM) as of March 2016 imports event descriptions into two different places, depending on the fact type: to the RM event description or to the Place Detail for that event. Some users disagree with that decision and want the FTM event descriptions to remain event descriptions in RM after import. The script provided here can be used on a fresh import to move the content from each event’s Place Detail to the event’s Description field.

The RootsMagician described the import process here:

In FTM, there are fields for date, place, and description. There is not a field for place details.

When RM imports an FTM file, it will place whatever the user entered as a description into the RM description field *IF* that fact type defaults to allowing a description. So, for example, an occupation, residence, etc type fact, RM will import the description into the description field for that fact.

However, FTM lets users enter descriptions for facts like birth, marriage, etc. where it doesn’t make much sense to have a description. So FTM users used that field like RM users used Place Details… the name of the hospital, the street address, etc.

So when RM imports an FTM fact that doesn’t normally allow a description (say birth), it will import that description into the place detail field *IF* the fact actually has a place. If the fact doesn’t have a place then RM will import the description into the description field.

Further discussion in that thread led to this collaboration in which FTM emigre Mike Le Voi packaged a script developed by Tom Holden with instructions for a first-time SQLite user on applying it.

Move RM Place Detail data to Description.pdf Instructions (MLV)
FTMimport-MoveEventPlaceDetail2Description.sql SQLite script (TH)
FTM Import Testing.ftm A FTM database for testing the import process and script (MLV)

N.B. On reusing the revised database, it is probable that it will fail RootsMagic’s File > Database Tools > Test Database Integrity check so simply run the next tool Rebuild Indexes.

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