Download wPDF300A.DLL #pdfgenerator

RootsMagic 4 updates in the 4.0.9.x series to should install this file in the RootsMagic 4 program directory. For some reason, some installations fail to do so. The result is that reports cannot be saved to PDF format and an error message indicates that the file cannot be found. Downloading this file to the RootsMagic 4 program directory should resolve this problem.

Download: wPDF300A.dll or wPDF300A.dll.bak (Remove .bak extension after d/l)

16 June 2010: It appears that the installer was modified without change in the RootsMagic 4 version number at least once, with at least one variant failing to include this file. Downloading the current installer from the RootsMagic website and reinstalling will include the PDF generator. Because the version number did not change, the Check for Updates menu item will not trigger an update if you already have installed from the miscreant variant.

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