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RootsMagic 4 File Types


rmgcfamily tree databaseSQLite 3-format file readable with SQLiteManagers
rmgbfamily tree database backupZIP-format file extractable not only within RM, but also by PKZip, WinRAR, et al.
stSource Template master file used to create sourcetemplatetable on creation of family tree databaseSource Templates
adluser’s spelling dictionary created by applicationAddict 4
admregional spelling dictionary selected during program installation.Addict 4
adtthesaurusAddict 3
adusystem and user’s autocorrect spelling dictionariesAddict 4 – system
Addict 4.1 – user
dllApplication extensions
chmHelp files
def1 XML database file defining dimensions for selected Avery address and shipping labels
elflog of application exception incidentsEurekaLog

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