GEDCOM & DnD Event Description Length Anomalies & Bugs #gedcom #events

This page complements the thread in the RootsMagic Forums titled GEDCOM & DnD Event Description Length Anomalies & Bugs. (2024-01-04 URL updated to The Wayback Machine)
It reports issues that arise when the values entered in the Description fields are too long. On this page are links to the backup file of the test database and to the GEDCOM file it exported plus SQLite scripts with which a new test database can be created.

AllFacts-2014-08-22.rmgb A backup of the test database file. Persons 1 & 2 are the original persons; RINs 3 & 4 are after the originals were dragged’n’dropped to another database and back again, which database did not have all fact types set with Descriptions enabled so there is some loss; RINs 5 & 6 were a second bounce off the other database with all fact Descriptions enabled.

AllFactsWidthTest.ged GEDCOM export of the original persons (RINs 1 & 2) from the test database from which RootsMagic imported only the persons, no events. Event/Attribution descriptions all exported with full 256 character value. even though GEDCOM prohibits some and constrains all others to lengths such as 248, 90, 30, 2.

AllFactsWidthTestGenerate.sql SQLite script to run against a test database comprising one couple having RINs 1 and 2. Generates a script to be copied into the editor of the SQLite manager and run against the same database. SQLiteSpy recommended. Cannot seem to get a text copy of the generated script from SQLite Expert Personal.

AllFactsWidthTestParameters.sql Two SQLite queries: one enables Descriptions for all Fact Type; the other assigns values to all other fields of the events in case <null> values themselves are having an adverse effect (none noted with the original persons’ events).

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