Geo-Lifelines Query #places #placedetails #geocoding #events

2021-11-22 Compatible with #RM8

Have you ever wished to be able to look at all the facts in your family tree database that happened within a day’s horseride of a certain location? Until RootsMagic contains such a report, this adaptation of the LifeLines query helps you view your events for any geographic area in addition to looking at the lifeline of any person in your database.

Edit the SQL file to set the coordinates of your target location and the distance from it you want included. Set the values to (0,0,12450) to include all facts for everywhere. As coded near the end of the query, the results will be sorted by RIN and SortDate so that each person’s events are all together sorted by timeline. With SQLiteSpy et al, you can override that sort by clicking on a column header. Click on SortDate to mix people’s events in a pure timeline sort that may reveal some interesting connections.

Download: Geo-Lifelines.sql

SQLiteSpy screenshot showing results from a database filtered for a range of 10 miles from Oshawa, Ont., Canada.

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