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The LifeLines query lists all events for all persons whether in a database tree or not, including shared facts, date, fact detail, site and place, MRIN, other parties, duplication indicator and IsPrivate flag (new!). Sorted by RIN and Sort Date. With the right SQLite manager, can filter results for one person. It’s a successor to AllFacts4Persons12 incorporating structural changes so that the code for date processing is not repeated in every SELECT and one SELECT in particular accomplishes much more than in the earlier query. It’s fast – it produced some 465,000 rows against a database of 155,000 persons in 88s.

Sample result displayed by SQLite Developer

The query is provided in two versions:
LifeLines-OO.sql is compatible with many versions of SQLite managers and can only provide results for all persons. Usable with OpenOffice Base (hence the OO suffix).
LifeLines-RINparm.sql is compatible with fewer versions but, with SQLite Expert and some others, has an input parameter to filter results on one RIN. Other managers skip the input parameter and produce the whole result set or raise an error.

The only difference between the two queries is the WHERE clause in this image showing the RIN input parameter as displayed by SQLite Developer. Entering a blank will return all results.

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