Places – Delete Unused #places #placedetails #delete #phantom

RootsMagic 7 is very cautious about deleting Places and Place Details, allowing only one at a time and requiring user confirmation of the “Are you sure?” type. This script is the absolute opposite and deletes all unused Places without hesitation. Were you to transfer your database by drag’n’drop or via GEDCOM to a new database, unused Places (and other unused items) would not be included so what’s the big deal? See if you are comfortable with GEDCOM & DnD transfer losses. Deletion of unused Places in RootsMagic needs empowerment.

This script deletes all those Places and Place Details records from the PlaceTable if unused by any Event plus all Place Details orphaned by having no master Place. It is simply a series of statements extracted from the DeletePhantoms.sql script at the page Delete Phantoms.

After executing the script, you should run RootsMagic’s File > Database Tools to correct probable indexing errors arising from the use of the fake RMNOCASE collation.


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