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I followed your instructions and was able to link to my MSAccess database – but all the files are read-only. Any tips on what might be causing that behavior, rather than them being read/write as your instructions note?

Do you have details on the way the indices join between the tables?

Do you have an explanation about how dates are being stored, and how to turn them into something that is easy to read?

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Write using MSAccess

14 April 2011 19:20:35

This question would be better posed to the MS Access page Discussion. Short answer is that Mark never indicated that he was writing to the RootsMagic database via MS Access, only that he was viewing and reporting. He also expressly warned against modifying data because of unpredictable consequences. As it turns out, there are but a handful of tables that we can modify outside RootsMagic; the others use a secret collation sequence RMNOCASE. There is more on that on the Search & Replace page.


Date storage and interpretation

14 April 2011 19:22:42

Question best posed to the Data Definitions page and pretty well answered on the Date Decoder page and pages linked therefrom.


the way the indices join between the tables?

14 April 2011 19:29:48

Question best posed to the Table Summaries page or to the Data Definitions page.

Tables are not joined by indexes. They are joined by the SQL query that you define or MS Access and SQLODBC create from your MS Access form. The SQLite query optimiser chooses the appropriate pre-existing indexes to use or creates temporary auto-indexes in order to execute the query efficiently.

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