RM5 Table Summaries #datadefinitions

The following non-system tables currently reside in the RM5 database:

AddressLinkTableTranslates OwnerID from various tables to the key AddressID in AddressTable.
AddressTableStores Addresses for Persons in the tree, Repositories, and other entities that need not be in the tree. Note that the Name in this table is not the same as the names in the NameTable.
ChildTableStores relationship to family(ies) for each child. A child may have two or more families – e.g., birth and adoptive. Links to PersonTable for child and to FamilyTable for parents.
CitationTableStores Citation details with links to PersonTable, FamilyTable, and EventTable and to the SourceTable for the sources cited. One record per citation.
ConfigTableStores File settings, Report settings, Fonts, etc to preserve between sessions.
EventTableStores details for each Fact/Event with links to Persons, Families having the event and to the FactTypeTable for the Fact properties.
ExclusionTableStores Problem List items indicated by user as Not a problem.
FactTypeTableDefinition of the standard and user-defined Facts related to by the EventTable.
FamilyTableStores Family pairings, spousal order, and notes.
GroupTableStores data for Named Groups: ranges of PersonID’s from PersonTable that were marked for the group.
LabelTableStores labels for Named Groups and probably other labels, too.
LinkTableProbably has to do with New Family Search support and future support for remote Media.
MediaLinkTableStores relationship between records in MultiMediaTable and Person, Event, Place Tables along with settings for use in reports or scrapbooks, captions, notes (unused?), descriptions.
MultimediaTableStores path and name to Media files, a type of media code, URL (unused as of, and binary thumbnail for image files.
NameTableStores name parts for persons in tree, including Alternate Names as separate records (unlimited), primary and privacy settings, birth year and death year.
PersonTableStores basic data for persons in tree: globally Unique ID as well as internal PersonID, FamilyID of parent family and PersonID of spouse, calculated relationship to other person in tree, privacy and living flags, and general note.
PlaceTableStores system pre-defined and user-defined Places and Place Details (or sites) with Name, Abbreviation, Normalized Name, geographical coordinates, and notes. Linked from eventtable.
ResearchTableStores contents of To-Do list with link to PersonTable or FamilyTable, depending on where task was created.
RoleTableStores system pre-defined and user-defined Roles with sentence templates for most FactTypes, linked from WitnessTable.
SourceTableStores Citation Source details for each unique source, linked from CitationTable (many to 1 allowed); linked to AddressTable for Source Repository and to SourceTemplateTable for support of Citation data entry and reports.
SourceTemplateTableStores system pre-defined and user-defined sentence and field templates for different kinds of citation sources, following published guidelines. Linked from SourceTable for support of Citation data entry and reports.
WitnessTableStores data for individual and family Event sharing among persons in tree and outside the tree, with links to RoleTable (Witness, Doctor, user-defined), EventTable, and to PersonTable (if in tree). Stores note for shared event plus name of person if not in tree. If person is not in tree, nothing of this record appears in reports.

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