RootsMagic 7

RootsMagic 7 was released on 25 Nov 2014. It will take some time to answer the following questions:

  1. Which SQLite scripts on this wiki need to be revised? Identifying changes in the database design will trigger areas to investigate.
  2. Which ones can be retired? Requires comparing the functional capabilities of RootsMagic 7 to those of the relevant scripts.
  3. Are there new exploits needed? Depends on user feedback in various forums.

Your help in this process is needed; the size of this wiki is too much to expect one person to handle in a timely fashion.

SQLiteToolsForRootsMagic Blazes Trails

Some of the new features of RootsMagic 7 were conceived and/or pioneered on this wiki. Only the RootsMagician can say what influence it has had on product development. Some examples:

New FeatureWiki PageWiki Date
Compare FilesComparing Two RM Databases2011-12
Import ListsDepopulate but keep Customs, Places, Sources
Database – Copy Master Lists to Shell
Backup and Restore with MediaBackup Media with Database – RAR
Backup Media with Database – 7Zip
Quick GroupsNamed Group – Mark or Unmark List refresh2011-11

Okay, a couple of those might be a bit of a stretch…

Database Structure Unchanged from RM6

There have been no changes to the SQLite database structure between RootsMagic 6 and 7. The database version stored in the ConfigTable remains at “6000”. Results (or absence thereof) from the following queries (run individually) support these observations. The main database was an empty one created by RootsMagic 6; the attached one was an empty one created by RootsMagic 7.

SELECT * FROM main.sqlite_master OLD
LEFT JOIN EmptyRM7000.sqlite_master NEW USING(name)
ORDER BY name;
SELECT * FROM main.sqlite_master OLD
LEFT JOIN main.sqlite_master NEW USING(name)
ORDER BY name;
SELECT CAST(DataRec AS TEXT) FROM EmptyRM7000.ConfigTable

That is not to suggest that one can work on the same database with both versions with impunity. There will have been changes in how fields are used, perhaps the meanings of some values, giving rise to possible problems. However, the RootsMagician says in a private email on 26 Nov: “Yes. You should be able to switch back and forth between 6 and 7.

Discussions & comments from Wikispaces site


Place update query

27 February 2017 00:12:37

Short question:
I need a query to concatenate the place detail to the place.

Long question: I used the data clean and moved things like cemetery name to the place detail. When I went to combine like places, I found this to be the wrong course as I would have to count the record position that had place detail so I would combine places resulting on people being born in the cemetery. Bruce could fix this by displaying the details on the list of locations to be combined but that hasn’t happen yet.

I have 100’s of these places and need to get the detail info back into the place so I can see which ones need to be combined.

Can you email as well as posting? Thanks!!


27 February 2017 00:24:08

See Places – Conversion of Place Details to Places

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