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Operations on Media, esp the MultimediaTable and MediaLInkTable

MediaTags – Copy Shared Facts Media To Sharee Personal #media #sharedevent

This script responds as a workaround to a 13 Dec 2011 wish expressed by MarkVS, that RootsMagic’s Media Album/Gallery and other Media dialog windows that show MediaTags should also show the indirect tags to shared events for the Persons having non-Principal roles, sometimes called “sharees” and the shared event in their context a “sharee event”.…

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Missing Media #media

OK, this is a little misleading as it will only work for images (i.e. not applicable for text files or pdf files) ~ if anyone can show me how to check for valid paths from sqlite, i would be stoked! SELECT * FROM Multimediatable WHERE Thumbnail is null AND Mediafile like ‘%.jpg’; Discussions & comments…

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Media Repair Queries #filenames #duplicates #media #links #rmnocase #delete #update

Importing and merging duplicates of persons, families, places and sources already in a database can give rise to unwanted proliferation of duplicate items in the Media Gallery and multiple links to the same media item from a person, family, event, place or source. RMGC_Properties – Query now reports the quantities of such duplicates. A problem…

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