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OK, this is a little misleading as it will only work for images (i.e. not applicable for text files or pdf files) ~ if anyone can show me how to check for valid paths from sqlite, i would be stoked!

FROM Multimediatable
WHERE Thumbnail is null
AND Mediafile like '%.jpg';

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Comment: “how to check for valid paths from sqlite”

03 September 2018 21:49:34

ve3meo Jan 15, 2012

I have done this indirectly, by exporting the full path of each file to a text file to be processed by a command file (.bat or .cmd): see
Backup Media with Database – 7Zip
Backup Media with Database – RAR
Also, I have copied the results of a query to Excel and created hyperlinks (either in the query itself or by formula in Excel): see
Media List Query.

It requires more than SQLite itself to test that the stored path leads to the target file.

At the very least, your query lists those image files that have not been opened by RM, hence nothing in the thumbnail field.

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