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While this utility is not a SQLite query and does not operate directly on a RootsMagic database, it is nonetheless valuable to RM users. It uses Visual Basic for Applications in Excel to operate on a GEDCOM exported from a RootsMagic database to compare the list of media files found under a directory against those that are used in the GEDCOM. Secondly, it can add all unlinked media from the listing to a GEDCOM which, when imported into a RootsMagic database file, will have them added to the Media Gallery. It was developed by RootsMagic Forums member vyger and described in this post on 3 May 2012:

I have written up an Excel workbook to enable bulk linking of unattached Media items into a Gedcom file for further processing in Rootsmagic. I wrote it to serve my own needs which it is doing very well so if any other user wants a free copy please contact me with your email address. Quick summary of what it does is below, a few users have tried it without problems.

  • User prints MultiMedia report from RM
  • User selects Media folder they wish to reconcile.
  • User selects Multimedia report.
  • Excel compares both and reports anomalies (unlinked)
  • User further edits list to remove any unwanted ADDS
  • Click “Create Gedcom” and workbook creates new gedcom file, one individual and all unlinked media tagged to that indi.

You will, of course need Excel to run this, it’s in 2007 but should run on earlier versions.

Recently, vyger distributed the Excel workbook by email to those who requested it and gave me permission to post it here. His instructions are:

Dear User

Please find attached the Excel workbook you requested.

The workbook will open on the Start page, please read the instructions and finally check and tailor the results before merging into your own file.

Remember to make a backup of your data before merging any new information into it.

I would suggest a few trial runs on small directories so you can get a feel for what the utility does before attacking your full media hard drive location.

Lastly this is not a difficult act to perform but I know it is a popular need from requests I continue to receive for the workbook. I believe keeping media collections reconciled is something that would be best managed within Rootsmagic. A simple enhancement to add an additional option under the tools menu could use the existing Fix broken media links folder selection functionality to produce a list of unlinked files within Media Gallery. The user could then select any currently unlinked file and press the Tag Media button to link accordingly.

If you wish to learn a bit of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) then the code is open and free for you to use and manipulate further simply press Alt+F11 whilst in Excel to see the workings. There are many Excel forums available on the internet where you can easily learn more towards fulfilling your own particular needs.

I do hope this helps you in your quest and if you do find this useful I would encourage you to email with an enhancement request and also post to the forum so Rootsmagic fully realise user requirements.
The Excel workbook is delivered in a compressed file to save space on the wiki site which has limited capacity.

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