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Pages since RootsMagic 7 released

2018-07-31 Events – Add to all Children a Parent event shared with parents added
2018-07-22 GEDCOM & DnD transfer losses added
2018-07-13 File Question added (re: .DAT files in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\RootsMagicAMT)
2018-03-19 Migrating from Wikispaces added
2018-01-28 TreeShare – Link Pasted Ancestry Sources added
2017-12-27 AllCitations.sql Error added
2017-12-16 Possible Orphaned Records in the Event Table added
2017-12-13 Database is locked added
2017-12-12 Exporting Data added
2017-11-21 Query is taking a very, very long time added
2017-11-11 SQLite Expert Personal Edition Version (x64) problem added
2017-10-25 Where is this data? added
2017-10-18 Removing media from one person added
2017-10-17 Where is the data stashed added
2017-09-15 Alternate Names List added
2017-09-13 Query to Add Parents Events to RM Database added
2017-09-03 Identifying Events with Individual Sentence Customization added

2017-08-06 Database Design Spreadsheets added. Updated workbook to cover RM 7.5 and converted to Google Sheets.
2017-07-21 Ancestry TreeShare – Impact rev. Added: Disconnect but preserve Ancestry Sources links for next Upload
2017-07-09 Groups – Extract most everything for one to a new database added
2017-07-05 TreeShare – Rename Cryptic Filenames for Citation Media added
2017-07-01 Search – wayfinding from data tables to RootsMagic screens rev script for new table for TreeShare
2017-06-28 Ancestry TreeShare – Impact added; ongoing revs. TreeShare released in RM7.5 that day.
2017-04-20 Places – Count People and Events for a Group added
2017-04-19 Source Templates – Convert Builtins to Editable, Split, Import added
2017-04-19 Navigation Sidebar revised – removed Poll, added Nav widget and Tag Cloud
2017-04-17 A Sample Query Created with Views rev with addition of script Events-CitationsMissing-UsingViews.sql
2017-04-06 REMATCH to FamilySearch ID in REFN fact added
2017-03-30 Sources – Unreverse Author Names added
2017-03-21 Source List Query rev MasterSources.sql to show unused Master Sources
2017-02-27 Places – Delete Unused added.
2017-02-25 Names – married name in death sentences added. Adds or replaces custom local sentence to use husband’s surname..
2017-02-20 SpouseID Invalid added. Addresses cause of empty Family View symptom.
2017-02-11 Merge Duplicate Single Parent Couples added. Rev 2017-02-14 corrected bug
2017-02-11 Births – Add from Christening or Baptism added
2017-02-05 Names – Delete Duplicate Alternate Names of Type ‘Married’ added.
2017-01-03 Group – Population statistic added. Lists group names and number of people in named groups.
2016-11-20 WebTags – convert to Notes et al edited for ease-of-use, speed and reusabaility
2016-09-05 COPY FamilySearchID to REFN fact added. One use is to reliably match duplicate people for merging.
2016-08-18 A Sample Query Created with Views added. Demonstrates a modular approach to building a complex query.
2016-08-16 Reports, Narrative, Jerry Bryan Trick rev. Ver 2 reduces the instances of excessive white space, a collateral effect of the trick.
2016-08-12 Reports – New Paragraph for General Note added. Improved format for narrative reports.
2016-08-02 Quick Start for Dummies added. Know nothing about SQLite? Start here…
2016-07-30 Color Code by Consanguinity Degree added.
2016-07-29 Shared Events – Sort Witnesses by Consanguinity plus Name added. Sorts sharers of event by consanguinity, then by name.
2016-07-29 Relationships rev. Now calculates consanguinity degree.
2016-05-08 Events – Move Description to Note added. Moves the entire contents of event descriptions of a selected fact type to the Note for that event.
2016-05-08 Query – All Names in Tree added. Lists all those in the hourglass of the defined person’s tree.
2016-04-22 Source Templates – Merge Duplicates rev. to make insensitive to case and space character.
2016-04-05 Reports – Point Form Narratives Setup version 2.
2016-03-28 Maps – Geo-Pedigree, plotting your ancestors’ birth places started but aborted in favour of RootsMapper.com
2016-03-28 FTM import – restore Event description from Place Details added. Move the content from each event’s Place Detail to the event’s Description field.
2016-02-12 Statistics added. A start; reports the male and female having the maximum children total with all spouses.
2016-02-07 Media – Bulk Rename and Relink added. Converts structured media filenames to another structure and relinks them.
2016-02-04 Language other than English added. Demonstrates current limitations, working in French.
2016-02-01 Reports – Point Form Narratives Setup added. Makes the Narrative format less verbose, easier to scan.
2016-01-29 Maps – markers proportional to number of events added
2016-01-21 Relationships fast Kinship List added
2016-01-17 Facts – Split Shared to Individual edited: added version without RIN displayed
2016-01-16 RIN MRIN – add Reference Number fact to all persons added
2016-01-10 Spouse Order – Global Sort by Marriage or First-Birth SortDate added
2016-01-08 Source Citation Sort added
2016-01-07 Roles – Sort Alphabetically added
2015-12-31 Nickname Manipulations added
2015-12-19 Citations Invisible – Reveal and Revert added (of interest to migrants from FTM)
2015-11-24 Recursive Queries – Ancestors and Descendants rev (gender filter for genetic lines)
2015-10-18 Children – Set Lineage to Birth added (so RootsMagic ancestor reports follow birth lines)
2015-03-30 TMG to RootsMagic Migration added (index and summary of useful pages for the TMG emigre)
2015-02-16 Marriages, Length of added (answers how long each marriage lasted)
2015-01-25 Living Flag – Set Globally added (can correctly set/clear living flag without Death fact in most cases)
2015-01-23 Children – Needing Manual Arranging added (lists families in which one or more children lack Birth or Christen facts)
2015-01-22 Children – Set Order by Birth SortDate added (batch sorting of children in birth order)
2015-01-21 Places – Conversion of Place Details to Places added (for when you need to export to other software)
2015-01-05 SQLite Managers for Mac OS added
2014-12-11 Sources – Copy Repository Name, Address from Repository List added; rev 14 Dec.
2014-11-25 RootsMagic 7 added

Pre-RM7 Queries

Most work with RM7 databases; most scripts since RM7 are applicable to RM6 but are less so with the older versions.

2014-12-11 Sources – Copy Repository Name, Address from Repository List added; rev 14 Dec.
2014-11-25 RootsMagic 7 added
2014-11-24 Reports – Concordances for Indexes added
2014-11-20 Fact Type – Convert Census to yyyy Census and back added; support for shared events added 2014-11-21!
2014-10-30 Names – Move Prefix to empty Suffix added
2014-10-29 Names – Edit NameTable with SQLite Expert added. A great starting point for beginners!
2014-10-28 Search – wayfinding from data tables to RootsMagic screens added
2014-10-23 Search – Find Almost Everywhere added separate scripts for Build and Search
2014-10-21 Facts – Change Fact Type added;.support for shared events added 2014-11-22!
2014-10-16 Search – Find Almost Everywhere added
2014-10-14 Database – Copy Master Lists to Shell revised to include File Options
2014-09-30 TMG-RootsMagic Split Citation Details revised to support up to CD9
2014-09-28 TMG-RM Fact Sentence Tweaks added
2014-09-25 Events – Move Short Note to Description added
2014-09-24 TMG-RM Check for False Spousal Event Sentences added
2014-09-23 TMG-RM Convert TMG_ID to Record Number added
2014-09-23 TMG-RM Convert TMG_ID to Reference Number added
2014-09-21 TMG-RootsMagic Split Citation Details added, supported CD1, CD2 only
2014-09-21 TMG-RootsMagic Sentence Variables & Format Codes added
2014-08-31 RMpi GEDCOM Pre-Import Tweaker for RootsMagic added
2014-08-23 Notes Invisible Revealed added
2014-08-22 GEDCOM & DND Event Description Length Anomalies & Bugs added
2014-07-17 Ancestry.com Sync started
2014-04-15 Group – Ancestors added
2014-04-15 Group – Descendants added
2014-04-14 Recursive Queries – Ancestors and Descendants added
2014-04-13 Ancestors Query – Recursive added
2014-03-18 Citations – Delete Duplicates added
2014-03-05 Sources – Adventures in Extreme Splitting clarified results of transfer to FSFT
2014-02-09 RMNOCASE – Nunicode Extension added
2014-01-24 Group – Unconnected Persons added
2014-01-21 Facts – Reference Numbers for person, spouse and parents. added
2013-12-24 Privatize Living added
2013-12-17 Source Templates – Versatile Free Form Hybrids added
2013-12-14 Question with respect to Changing a Master Source to a Different Source Template added
2013-11-25 An Example of Using SQLite Views added
2013-11-15 RMNOCASE – faking it in SQLite Expert, command-line shell et al C source code added
2013-10-21 Places without Geo-codes for Named Groups added
2013-10-19 MapEvents-KML query updated with Bing and Geocommons examples
2013-10-15 Facts – Add custom MRIN event to each family added
2013-10-06 How to Query RootsMagic added Example – Change fact type globally
2013-09-29 Source Templates – Set Quotation Punctuation to ‘UK’ or ‘Logical’ Placement added
2013-09-24 Source Templates – Revision Utilities added
2013-09-23 Media – Set Primary Photo for Persons added
2013-09-02 Group – Persons with Duplicate Events added
2013-09-01 Group – Persons with Text Dates added
2013-08-07 Sources – Merge Duplicate Masters added
2013-07-30 Source Templates – Merge Duplicates added
2013-07-27 RMNOCASE – faking it in SQLite Expert, command-line shell et al added
2013-07-01 Rebuttal by Jeff La Marca added
2013-06-26 RMNOCASE – faking it in SQLiteSpy bug cleared
2013-06-24 RM Infrastructure to support FSFT added
2013-06-18 Sources – Adventures in Extreme Splitting added
2013-06-07 Query for Sources Without Media added
2013-04-08 Source Templates – Field Count added
2013-03-30 Places – first name exploit for improved narratives added
2013-03-27 ReportNon_proven added
2013-03-25 Places – Frequency of Use added
2013-03-23 Places – Recombine Fractures from FTM 2012 added
2013-03-14 Phantom Spouses – Unnamed and childless added
2013-03-04 WebTags – convert to Notes et al added
2013-02-17 Place Names – parse and recombine added
2013-02-14 Events – Merge started (response to Need a Starter Idiot Guide)
2013-01-24 Date Last Edited added
2013-01-23 Color coding Snapshot and Recall added (lost? 2019-01-27 TH)
2013-01-21 RMtrix updated with 20 additional functions
2013-01-08 Tools – Problem Search – Spouse Order Questioned added
2013-01-07 Facts – Sort Order Problems added
2012-12-31 Dates – SortDate Algorithm updated and added SortDateEncoderDev.sql
2012-12-28 MediaTags – Copy Shared Facts Media To Sharee Personal and MediaTags – Delete Personal Having Fact Duplicates
2012-12-19 Facts – Split Shared to Individual
2012-12-12 Query Menu and chronological list updated.
2012-12-10 WebTags – from Ancestry.com and FTM, WebTags – Consolidate, WebTags-DeleteDuplicates.sql
2012-12-04 Media Type Reset
2012-12-03 Collected utilities by R. Steven Turley.
2012-12-02 Database documentation revised to RM6.
2012-11-19 RootsMagic 6 released.

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