First Look at RM8 #Database

More changes than expected with the result that many (most?) of the queries and scripts published on this site won’t work with RM8 databases.

New Tables

CitationLinkTable: was expected to support the announced new feature of master citations.

AncestryTable and FamilySearchTable: replace the former LinkAncestryTable and LinkTable, now gone.

TagTable: looks to have replaced LabelTable, now gone.

TaskTable and TaskLinkTable: appear to have replaced ResearchTable and ResearchItemTable, now gone.

Global Change

Every Table has, as its last column, a new column named UTCModDate, apparently intended to track the date on which a record was added or last changed.

2 Replies to “First Look at RM8 #Database

  1. Tom, I have the Data Definition spreadsheet put together. I have not figured out all of the new fields. That is a work in progress. How do I upload the spreadsheet to you?

  2. The citation, source and source template field contents have changed as the XML header is removed so the previous (a bit dodgy) way of stripping off a fixed number of characters no longer works correctly.
    Tom I’ve got the CTE article ready but can’t find an email contact. How to send it?

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