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Exporting SQL results to Excel

24 January 2016 23:20:39

I’ve searched the postings here and researched on the internet. I am using SQLite Expert Personal 3 with my RootsMagic 7 database and don’t find anywhere that I can use this version of SQLite to export results to a .csv or some file version that can be imported into Excel. Does anyone know if that is possible?



25 January 2016 04:14:14

You can copy from the results of a query to the clipboard and paste into Excel. To export to a file, I think you need the Pro version. Look up Export in Help – I don’t see this feature in the free version.




Can I get Alternate Name back into NameTable?

18 July 2017 03:40:56

I’ve searched the postings here and researched on the internet. I am using SQLite Spy with my RootsMagic 7 database and didn’t find anywhere how to accomplish what I need.

I am fairly new to RootsMagic.

Some action I did in the application causes a record to be added to the NameTable file with the IsPrimary filed is equal to 0. The IsPrimary equal to 0 causes the Alternate Name to be displayed on the Edit Person screen in the application. Alternate Name is displayed both in the left column with a plus and on the Edit Person screen.

I saw several Alternate Name lines on the Edit Person screen. I did not want all of the alternate names so I deleted all of the events with a fact type of Alternate Name in the application.

I still found Alternate names displayed in the left column and in the Edit Person screen. I found documentation that said Alternate names are in the NameTable with the IsPrimary = 0. I deleted them also.

Now I realize those were the married name and did not realize that when I deleted them.

I found a file that had the Alternate Names still in it and ran a query over it to get a list of the people in the NameTable file that have the IsPrimary = 0. I have put those records in a spreadsheet. I want to get those people back in the NameTable file.

Is there a query I can run to repopulate the NameTable file? Or is there a query that I can run that I can put the ownerid in to get the alternate names back into the NameTable?


19 July 2017 03:03:08

Did you see my response to your earlier posting on the home page?

Is it necessary to repopulate the NameTable from the spreadsheet or can the desired Alternate Names be filtered from the old database?


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