Removing media from one person

I attached the 1920 Census to the people displayed in the window below:
Pic 1.jpg
I want to remove the media from Sophia only.and leave the media attached to the remaining people.

Actual Results:
I have Sophia’s record open, selected the media column for the fact, highlighted Sophia and pressed the Remove media button. It removes the media from everyone in the list. I have to re-add the media to everyone again. That is not good. That is a lot of wasted time.

Expected Results:
I expected to highlight the person I wanted to remove the media from. Select Remove media and the media only would be removed from only the person selected. I would expect the event to still be there. If I wanted to have the media removed from everyone, I would highlight/select everyone and then press remove media.

If the actual results is the way it is supposed to work, may I suggest an enhancement for the expected results?

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Removing a media item from a specific person/event…

19 October 2017 04:12:54

Use Delete tag for what you wanted to have happen. The controls across the top are for the Media file or Album – Remove Media removes the media item from the Media Gallery and eliminates all its tags, as you discovered.

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