Where is the data stashed

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Pic 1
The explanation for the Details field in the EventTable of the Data Definitions states Content of Description field in Edit Person fact/event pane.
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Pic 2
I take that to mean it should contain Marital Status: MarriedRelation to Head of House: Head in the above print screen.

I created the following query to get those details:

select et.eventid, et.eventtype, ft.Name, et.placeid, pt.name, substr(et.date,4,4), pt.name, et.Details, et.note

from eventtable et,
facttypetable ft,
placetable pt

where et.eventtype = ft.facttypeid
and et.placeid = pt.placeid
and ownerid = 70
I got the following results:
Pic 3.jpg
Pic 3

What file(s) do I find the Place details (address, Hospital, cemetery, etc.) field and the Descriptions: field on the Edit Person window above? I am trying to find where testing and Marital Status: MarriedRelation to Head of House: Head is stashed.

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Place Details Location

18 October 2017 00:43:43

The Place Details are in the PlaceTable. The format is the same as for the Place info itself except that the PlaceType is 2 for PlaceDetails. The corresponding PlaceID is in the MasterID field. The basic idea is that you have to do a JOIN of the PlaceTable to itself so that you are joining the PlaceDetails values to the Place values on MasterID for the PlaceDetails and PlaceID for the Place.


18 October 2017 02:31:01

The text you are looking for is in the Blob type field Details. You need to convert the binary data to Text. See the different results between:
SELECT Details FROM EventTable;
SELECT TRIM(Details) FROM EventTable;



Descriptions field location

18 October 2017 00:46:59

This field has many names in RM, like all the multiple names for one person in a Russian novel. It is Description in the Edit Person screen, Details in the EventTable if you are using SQLite, and Value if you are in the Find/Search dialog in the RM user interface.


Individual Facts and Family Facts

18 October 2017 00:55:18

Your query for info about person 70 looks like it’s fine for individual events such as birth and death, but it will not work correctly for “family” event such as marriage. RM’s “family” events are really just for the couple, not for the children.

When you are first starting out with SQLite and RM, it’s probably easier to make two separate queries, one for individual events and one for couple events. The trick in the EventTable is to test the OwnerType field with a WHERE clause such that OwnerType = 0 for individual events and OwnerType = 1 for couple events. Individual events are easy. For couple events, OwnerID points to the FamilyTable rather than to the PersonTable. So depending on what you are trying to accomplish with couple events, you will probably have to JOIN the EventTable to the FamilyTable and the FamilyTable to the PersonTable or the NameTable (or to both).

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