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FTM import – restore Event description from Place Details #ftm2014 #ftm2012 #placedetails #events

RootsMagic 7 direct import from Family Tree Maker (not GEDCOM) as of March 2016 imports event descriptions into two different places, depending on the fact type: to the RM event description or to the Place Detail for that event. Some users disagree with that decision and want the FTM event descriptions to remain event descriptions…

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TMG-RM Fact Sentence Tweaks #tmg #facttypes #roles #events #sharedevent

After importing a TMG project, there is considerable cleanup to be done in the resulting RootsMagic database. There are differences in their respective sentence template languages that cannot translate well or could be translated better (improvement possible in the direct import process). This script addresses some of these outcomes and some unwanted artifacts that could…

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Facts – Reference Numbers for person, spouse and parents. #facttypes #events #refno

Purpose This page responds to a request posted in the RootsMagic Forums by Forum member JoyceAE5 on 21 Jan 2014. Basically, what I want is a list of everyone in my database with the following information:   Person’s RefNo, Person’s Name, Spouse’s RefNo, Spouse’s Name, Father’s RefNo, Father’s Name, Mother’s RefNo & Mother’s Name Building…

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