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WebTags, introduced in RootsMagic 6, are not successfully exported to 3rd party software. One wish is for an export option that would append WebTags to the Note or Comment for the related entity which are supported by GEDCOM 5.5. Until that happens, this special SQLite3 query offers a potential workaround and a possible model for a future RM feature.


RM6/7 offer the WebTag feature for Persons, Sources, Citations, Places and Research Log items. The first three entities are supported in standard GEDCOM; the last two require custom GEDCOM which is largely incompatible with other software so there is no point in attempting to convert their WebTags. Person Notes, Source Comments and Citation Comments are GEDCOM compatible so that is where we will append the WebTags.

Because there can be multiple WebTags for a given entity, I could not come up with a procedure that appended all its WebTags with a single command. Instead, this script is to be executed repeatedly until the temporary tables it creates are all empty.


List of WebTags for Hiram Decker-321
Individual Report showing the content from WebTags appended to the Personal Note. Private notes excluded.
Extract from Individual Report with Private Notes included, thus showing the {RMwebtag}{/RMwebtag} pair demarking each WebTag.


WebTags_to_Notes.sql Rev 2016-11-20

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