Multiple Spouses query #spouse #multiples

Update 2021-03-11: compatible with RM4 to #RM8

When I ran the RootsMagic 4 Statistics List report on my database, I was startled by the stat for Maximum marriages per person – 7 for one or more males! That did not seem right for my genealogy – maybe it was a merging artifact. What if there were others with 7, or 6 or 5 – all of which would be suspect. I could not find which person(s) had so many spouses using RM4, short of running the Marriage List report and inspecting it. For a very large database, this would be hit or miss and slow. So I wrote this simple query to list the persons with multiple spouses. You can use the RIN of persons that bear further investigation to find them in RootsMagic and resolve any problems. In my case, the person with 7 spouses was *Unconnected Research Trees, a method that Laura described to collect loose persons in the database for further investigation.

Multi-spouses.sql  RMtrix_tiny_check.png

Screenshot from SQLiteSpy showing the query and some of the results. Surnames blurred for privacy.

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