Names – Set Alternate of type Birth to Primary #names #alternatenames #birth

This script does two things:

  1. For those persons having one Alternate Name of type “Birth” and a Primary name of “undefined” type, it sets the Alt name as the Primary name and changes the previous Primary name to an Alternate Name.
  2. For those persons having more than one Name of type “Birth”, it lists the Record Number (RIN) and Surname and Given Names so that the user may resolve the ambiguity down to one so that the script may swap it on the next pass.

If the conclusion is that the current Primary (birth) name is the preferred name, the user may choose to delete the Alternate Name, modify its name type or leave it as is. Either way, the script will not change the Primary to Alternate unless the Primary type is “undefined”.

Sources and media remain attached to the name, whatever its Primary/Alternate state is. However, until RM8, those attached to the Primary Name are essentially inaccessible and unusable (see Citations Invisible – Reveal and Revert).




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