Search – wayfinding from data tables to RootsMagic screens #database #fts #search #rm8

Update 2021-03-11: added version by Pat Jones for RM8. This page brings together a set of scripts that: adds ‘friendly’ Waymarks in views of each database table to aid in navigating through RootsMagic to the responsible screen and to help understand the role of each table builds a Full Text Search table, first described on…

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Sources – – Cleaner Footnotes and Simpler Bibliography

Issues This project arose from a request Fix & Merge Hundreds of Sources in the Forum. The poster is a heavy consumer of the sources through RM’s TreeShare with and had issues with: Solution Because the sources were imported via TreeShare, they are Ancestry Record type, i.e., they are created using the…

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RM9 Data Definitions #datadefinitions

RootsMagic was released on Feb 27, 2023 with some new features necessitating changes to the database design. All previous version #database files undergo an upgrade procedure to the RM9 structure and are not backward compatible. However, #RM9 and #RM8 table structures are identical with the following exceptions: PersonTable 9 new fields named color1, …,…

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SQL Files List

Tip: use browser’s search on page (Ctrl+F) to help find scripts of interest. The string “RM8” is typically added to the names of those written for scripts revised for or written for RootsMagic 8. The search term “rm8.sql” (sans quotes) will highlight them fast.

Query to Search Parents by Children’s Given Names #search #family

File above incorporates revision from discussion below to correct the count of children. Tested with #rm7 #rm8 and should be compatible with prior versions. TH 2021-03-03 The following script was developed in response to the discussion Search for family by given names of children (was RM-8) — three_childrens_names.sql– Jerry Bryan, 22 May 2020– This query…

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Names – Set Alternate of type Birth to Primary #names #alternatenames #birth

This script does two things: For those persons having one Alternate Name of type “Birth” and a Primary name of “undefined” type, it sets the Alt name as the Primary name and changes the previous Primary name to an Alternate Name. For those persons having more than one Name of type “Birth”, it lists the Record…

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GEDCOM & DnD transfer losses #gedcom

Background RM10 reportedly uses direct data transfer between databases for drag’n’drop, not GEDCOM, so it will have different issues, if any. 2024-06-20 RootsMagic Drag’n’Drop between the windows of two databases is a background GEDCOM export-import process. Both Drag’n’Drop and the explicit File>Export and Import process fail to fully transfer everything from one database to another.…

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